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Took a picture of a spider today but I haven't uploaded it to my computer yet. Have this result from a personality quiz on neopets because I just made a new account.

I might actually make a gastropod page for my site soon
I just got back from vacation! I will be updating soon enough! I think I am going to actually revamp my frog link to feature some of my favorite facts and photos of frogs that will link to a page on my site instead of being linked to facts from the AMNH. My page is an ongoing endeavor, obviously. Fear not, more photos of bugs and critters and the like will be featured in this main "blog" style section as well. As I find them, of course.

I made a collage of costumes my kiddo could pick out for the Renaissance faire and they ranged from more traditional outfits to straight up fantasy/close enough costumes
We landed on dragon fairy
Nia found this snail on 8/7. She said "Gary! Gary! Gary!"
I found this cicada on 8/4
Kyle found this moth on 7/26
I found this frog two days ago on 8/2
I found this cute mushroom widget, it's going here.
This page is still a work in progress. Have a crossword!

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